Dude, Just Google It

What Does Dude, Just Google It Mean?

Dude, just Google it (DJGI) is a common response when a person poses a question that can be answered by doing a simple search using Google’s search engine. “Dude, just Google it” highlights the increasing sophistication of search engines as well as a growing dependence on them for navigating the massive amounts of information on the Internet. There are many variations of this phrase. “Google is your Friend” (GIFY) and “let me Google that for you” (LMTGFY) are common, profanity-free variants.


Techopedia Explains Dude, Just Google It

There is little doubt that Google is a gateway to a staggering amount of information. It can be used to find a video on how to the grout tile in your shower or answer idle questions like who voiced Lion-O in the 1985 ThunderCats cartoon.

However, the “dude, just Google it” attitude suggest some troubling misconceptions. The first is that all the information in the world is already on the Internet. The second is that the most authoritative source will naturally show up on the first page of results from Google or any other search engine. Exceptions to both these statements abound, so while “dude, just Google it” may be a valid response to many questions, it won’t provide a solution in all cases.


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