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Steve Jobs

What Does Steve Jobs Mean?

Steve Jobs is one of the co-founders of Apple. Jobs served as the CEO of Apple in the 1970s and ’80s, and returned to the company in 1997 to serve again as CEO until 2011. During his time away from Apple, Jobs founded NeXT computers and became a billionaire by investing in Pixar. Jobs died of cancer in October 2011.


Techopedia Explains Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak, created Apple to serve the hobby market of computer enthusiasts with their Apple I and II models. The success of these products helped spur the creation of the personal computing market. Throughout much of his later career, Jobs and Apple were viewed as a foil to Bill Gates and Microsoft. The image of Apple as a company that designed slick devices for the savvy consumer was one that Jobs worked tirelessly to maintain. Jobs’ final tenure as Apple’s CEO saw the company release multiple products that dominated their markets and drove Apple’s stock price so high that it was jockeying with Exxon for the title of the world’s largest publicly traded company.


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