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What Does Build Your Own App Mean?

Build your own app (BYOA) is a projected shift in IT in which new software applications will be built by regular users, rather than developers. In BYOA, developers would create the tools, objects and environments to enable users to create simple applications without having to write a single line of code. Although this buzzword represents a possibility rather than a reality, the increasing consumerization of enterprise IT points to the possibility that technology users will soon create apps to suit their specific needs.


Build your own app is also known as bring your own app or write your own app (WYOA).

Techopedia Explains Build Your Own App

Build your own app is part of a larger shift in IT where users are becoming increasingly comfortable with technology, and are demanding to bring their own devices into the workplace. Although the possibility of BYOA has been a point of discussion in enterprise IT for many years, a growing number of platforms that allow "citizen developers" to build applications – as well as technology users' increasing demand for personalized technology – have brought this possibility tantalizingly close to reality.

However, even if BYOA materializes in a big way, IT personnel will still be required to ensure that any apps that users create meet the organization's compliance and security standards. IT pros would also be charged with creating and maintaining the cloud-based infrastructures that are likely to deliver the platforms on which apps are created.


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