PowerPoint Singalong

What Does PowerPoint Singalong Mean?

PowerPoint singalong is a slang term for a presentation where the presenter reads the text verbatim from the PowerPoint slides he or she has prepared. A PowerPoint singalong is often seen as a waste of time, as the same information could have been shared simply by giving everyone access to the slides. A PowerPoint singalong may be intended to make sure all parties have the same information before beginning a discussion, as some people may not read the slides before the meeting even if they are given access.


Techopedia Explains PowerPoint Singalong

There are no set rules for business presentations, but there is an art to balancing how much of a speech to include in the slides shown. Generally speaking, the best presentations use text sparingly, and mainly to emphasize or introduce talking points. In this way, the slides help the speaker stay on point without turning the presentation into a PowerPoint singalong.


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