What Does PEBCAK Error Mean?

A PEBCAK Error is a derogatory term used by support and technical staffers to describe an end user that is having problems using an application on their workstation or the workstation itself. The term itself is an acronym standing for “Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard” and insiduates that the end user in question is the source of the problem.


Techopedia Explains PEBCAK Error

The term is usually used when the issue being addressed is a basic user error. For example, where the user has the CAPS LOCK key pressed down used during password entry.

A PEBCAK Error can be used in a lighthearted way to explain what the issue was when an end user just can’t get something right. It can also be used to taunt technical staffers who make a error. Being a derogatory term, it should not be used outside of the support department, and not referenced in trouble tickets. Keep it an inside joke among yourselves.


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