Amazon ElastiCache

What Does Amazon ElastiCache Mean?

Amazon ElastiCache is a cloud caching service that increase the performance, speed and redundancy with which applications can retrieve data by providing an in-memory database caching system.


Amazon ElastiCache is developed by Amazon Corporation and is available within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of applications. It provides the ability to deploy and scale runtime cache in Web scalable applications.

Techopedia Explains Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache primarily provides managed caching service and works by deploying distributed object cache architecture similar to memcache. Amazon ElastiCache operates like a virtual cache by deploying a cache cluster across a series of memcache-supported cache nodes, which can be analyzed for performance and scaled in and out at run time within the AWS management console.

Amazon ElastiCache provides preconfigured parameters that are designed for deploying typical application node types, as well the ability to customize them based on requirements. The system continuously monitors and reports the performance of these nodes, and includes an automatic replacement feature in case of a failed node or a hardware or software failure.


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