Driving While Texting

What Does Driving While Texting Mean?

Driving while texting (DWT) refers to the use of a mobile device to write and/or send text messages while operating a vehicle. This extremely dangerous activity is responsible for many accidents and fatalities wherever drivers have access to this kind of technology.


Techopedia Explains Driving While Texting

Developers and others in the tech industry are working on new, high-tech ways to stop drivers from texting or otherwise using mobile devices. Sophisticated systems have now been built into some modern cars that will allow passengers to use mobile devices, but will the block the driver from doing so. Mobile device and smartphone makers are also looking at building features into the devices that will prevent texting while a vehicle is in motion.

Driving while texting or DWT is also a major focus in the state offices of insurance departments across the United States. Many states are considering new laws on DWT and other related activities in an effort to curb rates of traffic accidents and injuries.


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