What Does Performant Mean?

Performant means that something is working correctly or well enough to be considered functional. In a technology context, this term is believed to have originated with programmers seeking a concise word to express that a system or program will work, but may not yet be optimal. Performant may have come from a portmanteau of performance and conformant – as in working and meeting existing standards.


Techopedia Explains Performant

Performant has become a business buzzword in addition to being programmer slang. Essentially, performant is a fancier way of saying that a program or system is acceptable. Depending on the context, this could mean good enough to package and sell, or simply good enough to elevate to the next level of testing. In some contexts, performant may mean a product is as good as it can be while remaining cost-effective, and that any additional time spent on it will push development costs beyond the budget.


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