What Does Bluetrack Mean?

Bluetrack technology is a new kind of optical laser tracking used in mouse devices and some other kinds of products. Bluetrack is a trademark of Microsoft, and widely promoted by the company.


Techopedia Explains Bluetrack

According to Microsoft, part of the appeal of Bluetrack technology is that a mouse device can track on many different kinds of services. This can be helpful in remote use. The company also promotes the accuracy and sensitivity of Bluetrack tracking, where the laser beam facilitates better results than the traditional tracking rollerball.

Bluetrack technology is just one feature in higher-end mouse technologies that is helping to change the user interface for a computer or similar device. Bluetrack features like a metal-oxide-semiconductor chip and a wide beam facilitate the more precise results in this new-generation technology. With this formula, Microsoft claims the mouse can track on relatively tough surfaces like carpet, as well as the smoother, more responsive surfaces used for a traditional rollerball mouse.


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