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Google+ification (Google+ification)

Last updated: May 1, 2013

What Does Google+ification (Google+ification) Mean?

Google+ification is a social networking phenomenon that defines the extent of features integrated by Google+ and Google search results. By relating queries or phrases searched via Google+ Circles, Google+ification allows and enhances interactivity between users and social networks. Google+ification is also known as Google Plus-ification and Google Plusification.

Techopedia Explains Google+ification (Google+ification)

Google+ification specifies Google+ capabilities in the Google search mechanism and how Google+ helps users locate search results. Google+ification is facilitated and complemented by a number of Google services, including: Google Search: Users retrieve search results, including photos, content, profiles, people and pages from their Google+ Circles and Contacts. Search Plus Your World (SPYW): Launched in early 2012, SPYW bases search results on personalized Google+ Circle and friend queries.Another Google+ification trend allows users to find the answer or solution to a Google search query with the help of a Google+ friend or group.


Google Plusification, Google Plus-ification

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