Adobe Wallaby

What Does Adobe Wallaby Mean?

Adobe Wallaby (Wallaby), released by Adobe Labs in 2011, is a software tool used to convert Flash/Flex projects to HTML5. Wallaby allows a developer to convert a Flash/Flex project into a browser display format without a Flash player plug-in.


Techopedia Explains Adobe Wallaby

Adobe Wallaby takes a Flash project file (.fla extension) as input and exports HTML5 and supporting Cascading Style Sheet 3 (CSS3) and JavaScript files. The HTML5 output may then be edited with a text editor or HTML editing tool, such as Dreamweaver.

Wallaby does not convert all Flash features into HTML5 but provides warnings for unconverted features. Key Flash features that are not converted by Wallaby include movies, sound and ActionScript. Output from the initial Wallaby version was only compatible with WebKit enabled browsers.

In 2011, Google Labs released the Swiffy tool – also used to convert Flash projects to HTML5. However, the Swiffy conversion technique differs, as Swiffy converts a compiled SWF file to HTML5, versus Wallaby, which converts a Flash project source file to HTML5.


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