Storage Area Network Monitoring Tool

What Does Storage Area Network Monitoring Tool Mean?

An storage area network monitoring tool (SAN monitoring tool) aids in the process of monitoring a storage area network, where specific storage hardware is linked to a server or otherwise consolidated into a single operating network. SAN monitoring tools help users to monitor these networks and to troubleshoot problems or perform diagnostic work. SAN monitoring tools are strategically situated relative to servers and hardware in order to provide specific kinds of access to the network.


Techopedia Explains Storage Area Network Monitoring Tool

Many SAN monitoring tools provide easy-to-use digital displays that present certain kinds of information about the network, such as device configuration, performance status and how data is routed throughout the network. These tools may copy storage area network traffic and send this information to a database where users can evaluate activity throughout the "fabric" of a storage area network.

In addition to basic monitoring, some SAN monitoring tools have specific features that help with advanced diagnosis and troubleshooting. A specific SAN monitoring resource might provide detailed information on port activity or errors that occur within a network. Other features may include elements such as those offered by certain Cisco SAN products that can effectively separate multiple networks working within a single physical hardware environment.


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