What Does Bradying Mean?

Bradying is a viral Internet meme in which photographic subjects imitate the dejected pose of Tom Brady, NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots, after he failed to deliver a winning touchdown in the last minute of Super Bowl XLVI. In Bradying, the subject sits slumped forward on the ground, hands clasped between the legs, in a pose that belies Brady's sullen and dejected stance on the field when the Patriots lost the game to the New York Giants. The photos are shared over the Internet and via social media.


Techopedia Explains Bradying

Bradying isn't the first football-related meme to hit the Web; it followed Tebowing, a similar photo fad in which subjects imitated Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who has frequently been photographed dropping to one knee in prayer before a game.

The photograph that kicked off the Bradying craze was taken by Paul Sancya of the Associated Press minutes after New York Giants’ linebacker Chase Blackburn intercepted Brady's pass during the fourth quarter of the 2012 Super Bowl game:

football player Tom Brady in the pose known as Bradyingman sitting in Bradying position named after football player Tom Brady


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