Ergonomic Mouse

What Does Ergonomic Mouse Mean?

A mouse is a pointing and clicking hardware device used to interact with a graphic user interface. Unlike a typical mouse, an ergonomic mouse is tailored to the health and comfort of the human user. Specifically, it is designed to minimize discomfort and prevent potential injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis).


Techopedia Explains Ergonomic Mouse

The mouse is based on trackball-like pointer devices used in radar and tracking systems during World War II by the Allied forces. Over the years, it developed from what was essentially a small box to a reasonably comfortable and user-friendly hardware tool for personal computing. However, long-term use started to result in injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, largely due to the physical orientation of the hand and wrist with the mouse.

Early iterations of the ergonomic mouse included the VerticalMouse, which changed the angle at which the tool was operated by the user. The success of this particular model has been very limited, however many other ergonomic mice have been developed, and are implemented in various settings and contexts.


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