Product Manager

What Does Product Manager Mean?

A product manager is a professional who is in charge of evaluating and making recommendations on all aspects of a company’s products through the entire product life cycle. The product manager helps an enterprise to benefit from more knowledge about its products and how they are made, managed and sold. This professional also typically uses specific IT resources to enable more sophisticated decision-making about a business supply chain.


Techopedia Explains Product Manager

A product manager will often use a specific kind of software called a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which might include a specific component called a product management resource. This will often involve a database that keeps track of details about various products. The product manager may need database maintenance skills or other IT skills or certifications, or may be supported by additional staff.

A product manager may work closely with sales or marketing, making decisions that will help to promote products to a consumer base. Again, certifications or skills in IT may be desirable for a product manager job, and this role may include administering or sharing data from specific technologies.

Although much of a product manager’s work may be analytical or oriented toward the use of technology, the role may also involve changing aspects of products or supply chains for efficiency or effectiveness. In addition to managing products, the product manager may create detailed reports for business leadership. The role may also involve building and delivering presentations, either for internal or external audiences.


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