Mountain Lion

What Does Mountain Lion Mean?

Mountain Lion is an operating system (OS) developed by Apple for its Mac computer. It belongs to the Mac OS X family and is designed with enhanced tools, security and integrated Web services. Mountain Lion is the successor of Mac OS X Lion. Apple announced the release of a developer version of Mountain Lion in February 2012. A public release of the software was released July 25, 2012.


Mountain Lion is also known as Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Techopedia Explains Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion delivers rich applications and services by incorporating features from the iPad, such as messages that act as a replacement for iChat and enable the transmission of text and media files between Apple devices. Mountain Lion also includes social media and personal notifications, as well as access to games within the desktop environment.

The OS support and features for Web services include a built-in Twitter application, which enables tweeting directly from the Safari Web browser and compatible apps; iCloud for keeping and synching data across all Apple devices and the management and control of downloaded apps through the Gatekeeper security application.


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