Search Plus Your World

What Does Search Plus Your World Mean?

Search Plus Your World is a Google search initiative that aims to personalize search results. Search Plus Your World extracts and displays searched results from the Google Plus social network and other Google properties based on previous search results and content that’s shared or recommended by social connections.


Techopedia Explains Search Plus Your World

Search Plus Your World is an updated iterations of the Social Search feature. By personalizing search results based on what a user’s friends share and reccomend, Search Plus Your World aims to deliver not only relevant search results, but results that are most relevant to a particular user.

Search Plus Your World was introduced in January 2012 and included three new features to Google Search:

  • Personal Search
  • Profile in Search
  • Peoples and Pages

The Personal Search option delivers search results from those within a user’s Google Plus network, whereas Profile in Search enables users to search for an individual and his or her related content by searching their name. The People and Pages option displays search results from people and online communities closely related to the search query.


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