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Do It With Others (DIWO)

Last updated: May 29, 2018

What Does Do It With Others (DIWO) Mean?

Do It With Others (DIWO) is a joint project development model that enables like-minded people to collaboratively work on a task, project or any other service.

Do It With Others aims to provide a collaboration platform for individuals and businesses seeking help or participation from a generic audience and specialists to achieve a specific goal or objective.

Do It With Others may also be known as Do It Together (DIT).


Techopedia Explains Do It With Others (DIWO)

Do It With Others is primarily a collaborative project development technique, similar to crowdsourcing, which binds individuals with similar interests. Generally, DIWO is implemented through a website or portals, where users highlight their interests and the projects they are working on.

The nature of the project can be anything from software application development, research, new innovation or even a social cause. People work with each other to support their project or cause. The internet helps to facilitate this form of crowdsourcing.



Do It Together (DIT)

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