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Advanced RISC Computing

What Does Advanced RISC Computing Mean?

Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) is a specification for computer manufacturing that never resulted in any fully compliant computers being manufactured. It was conceived by a consortium of manufacturers, called the Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) Project. The Project went defunct after setting the standard, which is sometimes referred to as a MIPS RISC-based computer hardware and firmware environment.


Techopedia Explains Advanced RISC Computing

A modified version of the Advanced RISC Computing specification is still used by Silicon Graphics (SGI) in its systems, which run IRIX 6.1 or later OSs developed by SGI and boot from an ARCS console, ARCS being the ARC firmware. Most RISC based computers using Windows NT OSs use versions of ARC boot consoles. Some of these computers include the MIPS Magnum Workstation, some Alpha-based machines with a PCI bus before 1999, the IBM RS/6000 40P and other Windows NT capable PowerPC computers.

Other computer products at least partially complying with the ARC specification include some of those manufactured by Alpha, i386 and several products by MIPS.


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