Front Office Application

What Does Front Office Application Mean?

A front office application is a software application designed to interact directly with the customer to provide a suite of services. Front office applications provide current and prospective customers with new products and services, customer support and other related services depending on the scope of the application and business domain.


A front office application is also known as a front end application.

Techopedia Explains Front Office Application

Front office applications are primarily designed to automate most or all customer-oriented business processes. Generally, front office applications are part of customer relationship management (CRM), and provide a graphical interface for the end user or customer to request some available service. Front office applications may provide services, such as ordering a new product, order status, usage tracking for metered services and live customer support.

A front office application is interconnected with the back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) or related applications, which provide real-time data about product inventory and records of each transaction processed on the front end.


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