Information Technology Supervisor

What Does Information Technology Supervisor Mean?

A information technology supervisor (IT supervisor) is responsible for installation, maintenance and upgrades of an organization’s technology systems. An IT supervisor generally works with a team of information technology administrators and support personnel to oversee the day-to-day operations of information technology systems and components. They ensure that proper support is available for all activities in the information technology environment and that adequate skilled resources are present to ensure smooth functioning.


Techopedia Explains Information Technology Supervisor

Information technology supervisors are expected to have a degree associated with information technology.

An IT supervisor’s key duties include:

  • Selecting staff and providing work assignments
  • Directing the work of information technology personnel, setting priorities and coordinating their activities
  • Evaluating and verifying employee performances through performance evaluation techniques
  • Identifying and ensuring staff development programs
  • Determining system reload and backup procedures for database and critical applications
  • Preparing different reports when and wherever required
  • Monitoring and maintaining mainframe systems
  • Coordinating local and remote network equipment testing
  • Equipment repair, repair for remedy failures, cable replacement and repair, replacement of information technology components
  • Preparing and installing network software
  • Diagnosing and resolving problems with malfunctioning components
  • Maintaining data communication networks

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