What Does Googleplex Mean?

The Googleplex is the building structure that houses and serves as the head office of Google Inc.


Googleplex is located in California and consists of a series of building complexes. The term combines the words "Google" and "complex" and is pronounced like the mathematical notation Googolplex.

Techopedia Explains Googleplex

The Googleplex primarily consists of four different building complexes that are relatively small in height but spread over an enormous and wide area covering acres of space. Besides the corporate office, Googleplex has recreational facilities, such as a gym, laundry facilities, volleyball court and cafeterias, along with multiple sporting and other activities.

The Googleplex was previously owned by a graphic design studio. The workspaces in Googleplex were designed by a famous architect, Clive Wilkinson, to fuel employee teamwork, imagination and creativity. Googleplex currently houses more than 10,000 employees with building complexes covering an area of about 47,000 square meters.


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