WiMAX Release 2

What Does WiMAX Release 2 Mean?

WiMAX Release 2 is a second-generation high-speed wireless communication technology scheduled for release in late 2012. It is an upgrade to the first version of WiMAX. It provides faster upload and download speeds of up to 90 Mbps and 170 Mbps, respectively. It will replace the existing 802.16e with 802.16m.


Techopedia Explains WiMAX Release 2

WiMAX Release 2, along with LTE Advanced, will be the first real 4G network. It is expected to deliver a download speed of up to 1 GBps and can successfully handle more than 300 MBps of throughput. WiMAX Release 2’s other improvements over the previous version include compatibility with older networks and mobile devices. Specifically, it will be backward compatible with the older 802.16e platform. It can also support scalable bandwidths ranging from 5 megahertz to 40 megahertz. With WiMAX Release 2, users won’t have to worry about bandwidth usage caps, capacity problems and constant network congestion.


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