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What Does Aakash Mean?

The Aakash tablet is a low-cost computer with an ARM design that features a small build, USB ports and video capability. This device uses the Android operating system but has access to the larger application market, not the Android market.


Techopedia Explains Aakash

The Aakash was designed by DataWind to accommodate the global student. The company has initiated relationships with thousands of schools and universities, where this small tablet may be part of a future curriculum. DataWind executives have also called the Aakash tablet an "anti-poverty tool" that can revolutionize how lower-income families access cutting-edge technology.

In terms of marketing this new product, DataWind leaders have stated that the Aakash tablet was not made to compete with the iPad or other Apple products. Instead, it will face competition from other low-cost devices like the tablets developed by One Laptop Per Child, a group with a similar intent to offer low-priced devices to younger users. Appealing features on the Aakash device include a battery rated for three hours of use and a modern touch screen interface.


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