What Does KidsRuby Mean?

KidsRuby is a version of the Ruby programming language that was developed for younger users. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that provides a scaled-down syntax but also accommodates diverse approaches to coding, including procedural, or linear, coding, and functional coding, in which code modules work together.


KidsRuby is one offshoot of Ruby designed with a particular goal in mind. With its easy command-line structure and other features, KidsRuby makes it easier for less experienced users to learn various kinds of coding.

Techopedia Explains KidsRuby

Ruby, which was first developed in the 1990s, is a language that is compatible with other similar coding languages like Perl. It is an alternative to Python, a language that is popular for designing various Web applications. The similarities and differences between Ruby and Python, including code accessibility in both languages, have created a lot of debate among developers. One popular product of the original Ruby language is Ruby on Rails, a Web application framework written in Ruby that demonstrates efficient coding principles and promotes the easy development of different website capabilities.


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