Digital Influence

What Does Digital Influence Mean?

Digital influence is the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measurable outcomes online.


Digital influence is largely a phenomena of social networking. The everyday Internet user is subject to a barrage of noise and content. As a result, individual judgment has given way to group judgment, or at least judgment that’s assisted by others online. When an individual contemplates a new purchase such as a cellphone, he or she will often revert digital influencers such as online reviews, comments and, most importantly, friends, to arrive at a decision.

Techopedia Explains Digital Influence

Digital influence is the result of three conceptual cornerstones.

  1. Reach: How far information will travel across the social continuum. More popular topics will travel farther. Think of it as the size of the wave of a tsunami.
  2. Relevance: Alignment to interests of the moment. Relevance is situation sensitive; what is relevant to someone after taking a vacation is quite different to what was relevant before booking that trip.
  3. Resonance: The ripple effect of information. It determines how long a conversational thread will remain topical or how many people feel compelled to offer their opinion in the matter.

These three considerations must be in place to describe digital influence but that is not enough.True digital influence must contribute to some sort of change or effect.


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