Tweet Seat

What Does Tweet Seat Mean?

A tweet seat is a seat, or one of a block of seats, reserved in cinemas, theaters and sporting events for those who wish to send tweets to Twitter followers about the event while it’s in progress. Venues are increasingly encouraging patrons to bring their phones and tweet during events, but they often reserve specific seats for this to ensure that smartphone users don’t disturb other patrons. By encouraging guests to live tweet performances, venues can gain valuable exposure and marketing.


Techopedia Explains Tweet Seat

Tweet seats turn the old requirement that patrons turn off their cellphones before the show on its head. This is especially true in theaters, which have traditionally been more conservative about venturing into social media and online advertising. By this token, tweet seats are an attempt to bring in new patrons, particularly young ones.

Critics, however, contend that tweet seats are a gimmick that won’t succeed in enticing younger viewers to venues that do not make more concrete attempts to appeal to their demographic. They also say that allowing people to use smartphones in this setting is, essentially, pandering to what amounts to undesirable behavior.


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