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What Does OpenSUSE Mean?

OpenSUSE is a Linux distribution maintained by the openSUSE Project. It features both a KDE and a GNOME desktop, as well as an intuitive package management system known as Yast. OpenSUSE is completely open source, and one of the primary ways that it differentiates itself from other Linux distributions is that it is completely locked down. Simply put, openSUSE requires the end user to submit a root password for almost every single task.


Techopedia Explains OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE is one of the more complete Linux distributions available today. Consistently among the top five downloads at, the developers of openSUSE were practically maniacal in their approach to security. Almost nothing happens within the operating system without the express permission of the end user. Furthermore, the OpenSUSE website allows the end user to select which packages will be included in their particular flavor of openSUSE, which is rather unique among the major Linux distributions. For those who consider themselves control freaks, the sense of control afforded by the openSUSE distro may prove to be rather satisfying as this operating system is completely locked down.


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