What Does Burp Mean?

A burp is generally defined as a process for resetting certain network hardware in order to reboot network operations. This term can also be used to refer to the initial interruption in services. In some cases, those in IT use the term burp or hiccup to describe some interruption, such as a router losing a packet of data.


Techopedia Explains Burp

Some of those who use network technologies might refer to a network burp in a number of scenarios, including when a wide array of users experiences the same interruption at the same time. Here, the term burp can be used during efforts to reconnect users after the initial interruption. Users can respond to questions about a network burp with troubleshooting advice or personal feedback about their interactions with the network.

In other situations, people might use the term in relation to general maintenance. For instance, one user might ask another how to burp routers, or whether there is a burp protocol for any given network. Users will generally ask about burps when referring to situations that occur without any specific cause, such as where changes in network traffic, electromagnetic fields or other factors might lead to temporary interruptions.


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