Facebook Commerce

What Does Facebook Commerce Mean?

Facebook commerce (F-commerce) refers to e-commerce that is facilitated by the Facebook social media platform. Facebook is a major enterprise, with hundreds of millions of users and near-constant media exposure. Facebook commerce seeks to use elements of Facebook to drive sales.


Techopedia Explains Facebook Commerce

Those who analyze Facebook commerce often distinguish between transactions that take place on a Facebook page and those that use Facebook Open Graph, a tool for fusing third-party websites with Facebook’s site. Some companies set up dedicated Facebook stores to capture sales from Facebook users, while others set up sophisticated promotional ads to direct Web users toward some other sales venue.

The list of companies pursuing F-commerce is extensive and most marketing experts agree that the volume of future F-commerce will grow into many billions of dollars annually. Companies like Starbucks and Ticketmaster have already built extremely successful Facebook commerce operations, and more diverse businesses are looking at including F-commerce elements in sales expansions.


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