Project Management Professional

What Does Project Management Professional Mean?

The Project Management Professional certification is a credential available from the Project Management Institute that helps professional project managers to stand out and present their skills to potential clients or employers. This relatively new certification has become one of the most popular in its industry, and many thousands of project managers are PMP certified.


Techopedia Explains Project Management Professional

Prerequisites for the PMP certification include either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or a specific number of years in completed hours in a project manager role. A more basic credential called the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is also available.

A major part of the PMP curriculum consists of five top-level performance domains, each of which corresponds to a specific phase or factor in project completion. The PMP also identifies several knowledge areas regarding the cost and scope of projects, and other comprehensive aspects of project management. Individual questions address elements of each of these areas in order to prepare test takers for real-world project management situations.


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