Business Add-In

What Does Business Add-In Mean?

A business add-in (BADI) is a source code plug-in provided by SAP to enhance existing ABAP code. The enhancement technique uses the object-oriented method and business add-ins to map the specific requirements involved in business process. These are customer specific, and are not provided by standard code in SAP. BADIs allow the system landscape to be multilevel (country-specific, industry-specific, partner-specific, customer-specific, etc.) and hence accommodate a wider range of solutions without affecting the original source code of the object.


Techopedia Explains Business Add-In

Unlike other enhancement techniques available in SAP, business add-ins can be implemented more than once . Similar to ABAP objects, business add-ins have two components: BADI Definition: It allocates the exit point for the source code of the object. BADI Implementation: Allows developers to add relevant code without modifying the original source code of the object.The benefits of BADI include: Upward compatibility for BADI is provided by SAP. BADIs can have multiple implementations using filter values.


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