Switch Framework

What Does Switch Framework Mean?

Switch framework was introduced by SAP to bring down the complexity in ABAP-based SAP programming system landscapes and to make it possible for them to accept other industry solutions in the system. The switch framework is well integrated to ABAP workbench. Switch framework makes it possible for companies to add new industry solution and add-ons for enterprise and enhances related partner and customer systems. One of the prominent features of the switch framework is its ability to externally control the visibility of objects and their components using switches.


Techopedia Explains Switch Framework

A switch framework consists of three main components: Business Function Set: This relates to the particular industry solution and corresponding set of business attributes and functions. Business Function: This is a self embedded function that consists of a set of switches and is mainly used from a business perspective. Switch: This is the repository object that has the control over the visibility of other repository objects.All the three main components of the switch framework are designed to be transportable units and can be managed using transaction codes in SAP.


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