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What Does Enhancement Framework Mean?

An enhancement framework is a paradigm developed to integrate all enhancement techniques under one place, thus improving the way in which SAP software is designed. The enhancement framework brings in the much-needed multilayer support, which is extensible by the object oriented concept (inheritance) and also provides more flexible ways to adapt the system beyond what was previously possible.


The enhancement framework is well supported by the enhancement builder tool and ABAP language elements. It is also linked to the switch framework and switches are linked with the enhancement framework.

Different enhancement techniques available in this framework are:

Class enhancement
Source code enhancement
Kernel BADI enhancement
Function group enhancement

Techopedia Explains Enhancement Framework

The enhancement framework organizes and brings in necessary enforcement on the manner in which enhancement options are provided and the enhancements are implemented. A new browser option is provided in SE80, called enhancement information system, to manage all enhancement information, definitions and implementations available in the concerned system.
The enhancement framework provides two types of enhancements: explicit enhancements and implicit enhancements. Explicit enhancements are further categorized into enhancement spots and enhancement sections. Any enhancement option provided has to be mapped to either of these categories.
Enhancement options that are semantically related are grouped and placed under a simple enhancement spot. Composite enhancement spots are also provided, and contain one or more simple and perhaps other composite enhancements.
Enhancement spots, enhancement sections and implementations act as containers and are part of composite enhancement spots and composite enhancement implementations. The composite enhancement structure helps to mirror complex structural issues in organizations or projects.


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