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Implicit Enhancement Point

Last updated: May 1, 2013

What Does Implicit Enhancement Point Mean?

An implicit enhancement point is a source code plug-in point provided in Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) programmed SAP objects. Unlike an explicit enhancement point or explicit enhancement section, implicit enhancement points are usually provided and exist for almost all SAP objects. Implicit enhancement points are usually hidden and need to be specified by a user to make them visible.

Techopedia Explains Implicit Enhancement Point

Implicit enhancement points are mostly provided: At the beginning and end of of the source code of a program Before the first and last line of source code containing a procedure implementation At the last line of a the visibility section in the declaration section of a local class At end of the formal parameter list in the declaration section of local methods At the visibility sections of global classes, global methods and parameter interfaces of function modules . In order to make implicit enhancement options visible to the user, the following path has to be followed in the SAP ABAP editor (transaction SE38): Edit -> Enhancement Operations -> Show implicit Enhancement Options Enhancing the implicit enhancements are to be done in the same manner as explicit enhancement options, using the source code enhancements. Implicit enhancement points are provided to declare additional variables in the SAP standard program, and to modify or enhance the variable content or data at the end of the SAP standard program.

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