Explicit Enhancement Point

What Does Explicit Enhancement Point Mean?

An explicit enhancement point is an ABAP source code plug-in provided by SAP beginning in its Enterprise Core component version onwards. Prior to the release of the enterprise Core Component version, objects could be modified by either user-exits, business add-ins or by modifying the standard code of the SAP objects. Explicit enhancement points are part of the enhancement framework provided by SAP for reducing the complexity involved in the customer system landscape. They provide another source code enhancement technique that is flexible and provides upward compatibility.


Techopedia Explains Explicit Enhancement Point

Explicit enhancement points and explicit enhancement sections are the two options available for explicit enhancements from enterprise core component version onwards. Unlike the explicit enhancement section, which activates customer code and deactivates the standard ABAP code if implemented, explicit enhancement points act like business add-ins or user-exits by providing additional space for code along with standard code.

Unlike implicit enhancement points, which are provided at predefined points within ABAP code, explicit enhancement points are provided by SAP at different areas for different objects. The position of enhancement points in an ABAP programs is marked and has a general look and attributes:


Explicit enhancement points can be enhanced using the same enhancement techniques as in implicit enhancements and explicit enhancement sections.


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