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Google Knowledge Graph

What Does Google Knowledge Graph Mean?

The Google Knowledge Graph is a propriety search mechanism that searches, relates, assembles and delivers search results from many different knowledge bases and information sources. Knowledge Graph uses pre-sorted relations between data and related values for its search query. It is based on the semantic search technique. Google launched Knowledge Graph in May 2012.


Techopedia Explains Google Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is primarily designed to provide much richer and related search results to the end user. It works by presenting data from sources it already has information about. This information is stored in the form of interrelated graphs around millions of different data entities.

For example, a Google query for the word "Chicago" might have different meanings for different people; the searcher could be looking for information on the city, the band or the movie by that name. Knowledge Graph will present all major categories/types of the search query based on acquired knowledge. Once the user selects the key semantic term, the Knowledge Graph will present the information that is most searched or most likely to be the type of information the user might be looking for. Based on semantic information, Knowledge Graph will continuously analyze and present results that are most relevant to a human user over time.


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