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Enhancement Spot

What Does Enhancement Spot Mean?

Introduced as part of the enhancement concept from SAP NetWeaver 7.0, enhancement spots are used for handling explicit enhancement options. These include both the explicit enhancement sections and explicit enhancement points. An enhancement spot can handle several explicit enhancement options of an object in repository. An enhancement option can also have several enhancement spots assigned to it. Enhancement spots, like most enhancement framework components, are reusable and can be used in different objects as and when needed using the spot element definition. Enhancement spots can also be created by SAP users.


Techopedia Explains Enhancement Spot

There can be two types of enhancement spots: simple and composite enhancement spots. Both of these are objects exist in a repository and form a tree-like structure. In this structure, leaves represent simple enhancement spots, while branches represent composite enhancement spots. Composite enhancement spots are mainly used for the semantic categorization of simple enhancement spots. A composite enhancement spot can contain one or more simple enhancement spots and even a single or more composite enhancement spots. The definition of an enhancement spot element is always provided under a simple enhancement spot. If this simple enhancement spot is under a composite enhancement spot, the definition is also displayed in the composite enhancement spot. Enhancement spots can be at the uppermost level of the objects. The definition of each enhancement spot element must be assigned to at least a single enhancement spot. Users can create an explicit enhancement option by using transactions SE18, SE19 or SE80. The Enhancement Builder tool, which is integrated with ABAP workbench from SAP NetWeaver 7.0, can process the enhancement spots.


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