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What Does Debugging in SAP Mean?

Debugging is the process of analyzing the flow of a program to locate and reduce defects or bugs. Unlike other programming languages, debugging in SAP involves analyzing different objects. Thus, different techniques are used to debug different types of objects.


In SAP, the debugging process is applied with the help of ABAP Debugger, a SAP programming tool that is capable of analyzing an ABAP program or object, by line or section, and can even change object values at runtime.

There are two types of SAP ABAP Debuggers: Classical Debugger for releases up to 6.40 and New ABAP Debugger, which is provided for all 6.40 and later releases.

Techopedia Explains Debugging in SAP

Debugging is activated for a SAP object in the following ways:

  • By typing the command “/h” in the command field, which executes the program in debugging mode
  • With the help of breakpoints, which may be kept before or during the debugging mode
  • By selecting debugging when the execution program mode appears
  • From menu path system-> utilities-> debug ABAP

Debugging methods for different SAP objects include the following:

  • For ABAP program and function modules, debugging may be applied by typing “/h” in the command field, using breakpoints or choosing the execution mode for debugging.
  • For ABAP SAPscripts, smart forms and Adobe forms, debugging options are provided separately for driver programs, in addition to these objects.
  • For server or remote access, remote access debugging is provided through predefined or customized usernames, which are used for connecting to a server or remote access.

The New ABAP Debugger works as follows:

  • Unlike the classic ABAP debugger, the New ABAP Debugger is processed in its own external mode (known as the debugger) while the analyzed object (known as the debuggee) is run in a second external mode.
  • It is capable of analyzing programs executed in an ABAP processor unit, such as programs that call conversion exits.
  • It has a flexible interface that a user may design according to requirements.
  • It has the ability to accommodate more than eight desktop views, as well as the ability to arrange different tools for analyzing the structure and data passed in the ABAP program or object.

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