Batch Job

What Does Batch Job Mean?

A batch job in SAP is a scheduled background program that usually runs on a regular basis without any user intervention. Batch jobs are provided with more allocated memory than the ones that are done in the foreground. They are used to process high volumes of data that would normally consume long-term memory if run in the foreground, as well as for running programs that require less user interaction.


Techopedia Explains Batch Job

One of the advantages of running large programs as batch job is that more servers can dedicate more work processes in night mode, when there are few interactive users. The number of batch jobs during the day could be restricted to fewer servers and numbers as needed.

If a batch job creates an output that is to be printed, faxed or emailed, the output is transferred to the spool management in the R/3 system.

To create a new batch job, one can use transaction SM36. This involves defining the job name, job class and target server if needed. However, it is recommended that users avoid choosing the target server when creating the batch job, and allow the background system to determine the server as and when needed instead. Batch jobs can also start processing based on specific events and results. SM36 also provides a batch job wizard.


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