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What Does OSS Notes Mean?

OSS Notes is an online SAP service and the portal that provides updates on patches in different modules of SAP and up-to-date information on SAP notes. SAP notes are correction instructions for the bugs or issues found in standard SAP programs. In case relevant notes are not found, SAP customers can log the issue with the SAP help desk through OSS Notes, although the service is not extended to objects developed or modified by customers. OSS Notes provides for the collection of correction notes for SAP objects considering the versions and release dates.


Techopedia Explains OSS Notes

The OSS service is available through the SAP Service MarketPlace, a collection of different portals for customers and partners of SAP. The correction instructions provided by OSS can be automatically implemented using the transaction "SNOTE," or manually by implementing the steps recommended by SAP. OSS Notes are downloadable and also available in PDF format. The transaction "SNOTE," which is also known as known note assistant, also provides an automatic prompt of relevant OSS Notes that need to be applied to the SAP system. To log in to OSS, an SAP Support Portal OSS ID is needed. This can be obtained either through the SAP customer’s system administrator or by registering online. In case OSS Notes are not available for bugs/issues found in standard programs, customers/partners are requested to raise customer messages with complete information along with priority of the issue. Based on the priority and criticality, SAP will follow up with the customer and, in severe cases, provide a resolution.


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