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High-Performance Cloud Computing (HPC2)

Last updated: May 1, 2013

What Does High-Performance Cloud Computing (HPC2) Mean?

High-performance cloud computing (HPC2) is a type of cloud computing solution that incorporates standards, procedures and elements from cloud computing. HPC2 defines the techniques for achieving computing operations that match the speed of supercomputing from a cloud computing architecture. In this context, HPC cloud computing will provide scientist with access to a massive pool of highly reliable and redundant computing infrastructure that can be provisioned on request and released when not required. The complete solution may include storage, hardware and application software, all of which will be delivered through cloud on an on demand basis.

Techopedia Explains High-Performance Cloud Computing (HPC2)

High performance cloud computing primarily addresses designing large, powerful and robust cloud computing solutions that provide a scalable application runtime environment. The term was first coined by Robert L. Clay of Sandia National Labs to address the challenges faced by scientists who required access to large computing resources.

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