R Programming Language

What Does R Programming Language Mean?

R is a programming language that is primarily used for statistical computing and graphics. It is available for free. Users can compile and run R on various operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The language is known to be fairly unconventional compared to popular software development languages such as C++ or Java. What makes R stand out from most other languages is that it acts as an interactive statistical environment. R also allows underscores as variable characters, unlike other languages that use them as assignment operators. R is popular among data scientists.

Techopedia Explains R Programming Language

Although R is known as a programming language, many programmers refer to it as software that contains a language as well as a runtime environment. Its predecessor language was called "S."

When using R, users can run a programming interface, graphics, a debugger, gain access to certain system functions, and run programs stored in script files. R has been influenced heavily by two other programming languages. These include "S" and the Scheme Repository.

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