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Chief Cloud Officer

What Does Chief Cloud Officer Mean?

A chief cloud officer (CCO) is an individual who manages, supervises and governs the entire cloud computing environment and its operations within an organization. The chief cloud officer allows an organization to harness the power, productivity and efficiency from a suite of cloud computing solutions and services. As such, the CCO is the ultimate custodian of cloud-related resources and components.


Techopedia Explains Chief Cloud Officer

The CCO’s primary responsibility is to ensure that an organization gets the most out of cloud computing without jeopardizing the business. The CCO leads the cloud adoption/migration from the very beginning phase of cloud needs assessments, vendor evaluation and short listing, down to deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. The CCO’s job has two main components: To align cloud solutions with business objectives and goals, and to oversee cloud operations from a technical standpoint. However, because cloud computing is largely a third-party managed solution, the CCO’s key job roles also include the evaluation, design and implementation of stringent cloud security and governance measures.


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