Google Fiber

What Does Google Fiber Mean?

Google Fiber is a service by Google that allows for fast broadband connections and access to a wide array of digital media. Introduced in July 2012, Google Fiber accommodates broadband of over 1,000 MBps, which is many dozens of times faster than the average American broadband connection.


Techopedia Explains Google Fiber

Initially rolled out in Kansas City, the Google Fiber service works on a "volume of orders" model, according to Google. Google uses the term "fiberhood" to describe areas with a sufficient number of registrations for Google Fiber installation. This somewhat unusual marketing strategy is expected to greatly impact Google’s plan to upgrade Internet and mobile speeds in the U.S.

Although speed tests have revealed Google Fiber’s power in the real world, some consumers still have concerns about access, privacy and other aspects related to selecting this new type of Internet service provider (ISP). Future questions will include how Google Fiber handles increasing traffic and whether the service can offer a full range of services to attract users of other providers.


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