Cellular Wideband Audio

What Does Cellular Wideband Audio Mean?

Cellular wideband audio is a type of audio technology that is used in telephonic communication on supported devices and carriers. This technology provides higher quality voice communication by extending the frequency range of audio signals transmitted over telephone lines. It was initially launched for wired telephone networks but now also supports wireless/mobile networks.


Cellular wideband audio is also the name given to a similar HD voice feature available on iPhone 5.

Cellular wideband audio is also known as HD voice and wideband audio.

Techopedia Explains Cellular Wideband Audio

Cellular wideband audio is considered to be a move toward higher definition audio. It extends the audio frequency of telephone line transmissions to a range of 50 Hz to 7 KHz and beyond. It aims to provide clearer sound quality, easy classification of closely related sounds and an overall better experience for both the talker and listener. The 3GPP has launched advanced multirate wideband (AWB) codec for implementing cellular wideband audio.


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