Cloud Application Management for Platforms

What Does Cloud Application Management for Platforms Mean?

Cloud application management for platforms (CAMP) is a specification developed for the management of applications specifically in Platform as a Service (PaaS) based cloud environments.


CAMP specification provides a framework for enabling application developers to manage their applications through open-source API structures based on representation state transfer (REST).

Techopedia Explains Cloud Application Management for Platforms

CAMP was primarily developed by Oracle Corporation in collaboration with CloudBees, CloudSoft, Huawei, Rackspace, Red Hat and Software AG. These specifications allow the direct interaction between the cloud provider that builds and provisions the PaaS service and the cloud consumer that is using that platform to build applications and services. This allows the cloud consumer to self serve management of the application while sourcing core PaaS offerings.

CAMP’s key characteristics include the management of applications throughout their life cycle and to be as interoperable as possible. Moreover, the application management services will be handled through common REST-ful APIs that operate on multiple cloud platforms/environments.


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