Customer Collaboration

What Does Customer Collaboration Mean?

Customer collaboration refers to the way an organization uses customer feedback to benefit its business, products and services. Examples of commonly used customer collaboration methods include social media, network based recordings and analytics, video feedback and Web-based collaborations through Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Customer collaboration is also one of the four key points of the Agile Manifesto of 1991.

Techopedia Explains Customer Collaboration

As a customer care approach, customer collaboration ventures beyond traditional call and contact centers, allowing customers to make their voices heard through directly interacting with businesses and their employees.

Customer collaboration combines contact center technology and processes with active, effective engagement between customers and company staff – largely through social media, which is a major component of business-customer collaboration. Tools like Facebook and Twitter are often used to gauge customer interest or dissatisfaction and reveal key company questions, inquiries, setbacks and successes.


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