Federal Protective Service (FPS)

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Definition - What does Federal Protective Service (FPS) mean?

The Federal Protective Service (FPS) is a component of the National Protection and Programs Directorate of the US government’s Department of Homeland Security. The FPS is responsible for the protection of all federally owned and leased structures, such as various properties, courthouses, parks, and any other assets associated with them, including all associated personnel.

The FPS is a law enforcement agency, which in essence means that it is a police force with national jurisdiction when it comes to enforcement of federal law.

Techopedia explains Federal Protective Service (FPS)

The main task of the Federal Protective Service is to police and secure federal facilities to ensure a safe environment where federal agencies may conduct their business unhindered. The bulk of their task is placed in the investigation of threats posed to over 9,000 federal facilities across the United States.

The FPS focuses directly on the internal security of the nation, the main task of the Department of Homeland Security, and the reduction of crimes and potential threats within and to federal facilities.

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