Enterprise Instant Messaging

What Does Enterprise Instant Messaging Mean?

Enterprise instant messaging (enterprise IM) is an instant messaging system used by enterprises for communication. Enterprise IM is mainly used by organizations as a means of easy communication within the business. This differs from the more commonly known public instant messaging services, which are used by individuals to chat with friends.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Instant Messaging

Anybody can sign up for public IM services online. However, public IM applications have potential risks when used within enterprises.

Enterprise IM services include access restrictions and other security measures such as encryption to ensure the security of the enterprise network. Unlike public IM networks, which are meant for entertainment, the enterprise IM must adhere to a high standards in security, stability, efficiency, richness of features, compatibility, scalability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

There are several advantages to using enterprise instant messaging:

  • File transfer and real-time communication with suppliers, colleagues and customers can improve business relationships
  • Reduces expenses related to long-distance fax and phone use, overnight deliveries, travel, email attachments, etc.
  • It accurately record all the file transfers and conversations via the network for later reference by administrators or end users
  • Controls unsecured and uncontrolled IM use, thereby reducing violations of corporate security
  • Allows or restricts employees from making use of IM within or outside of the network, and imposes the use of high-quality screen names
  • Safeguards against spying and denial-of-service attacks, which can occur when employees use public IM
  • Provides greater control over confidential information and intellectual property
  • Maps corporate employee IDs with screen names or any other permissions-based systems, thereby ensuring that users are accountable


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